Tuesday, March 13, 2018

How To Upload File With PHP

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Hi everyone, In this tutorial we will learn how to upload file with PHP and MYSQL, with example. if you have any doubt feel free to contact via email given bellow, as well as you can downoad complete file upload script given download link bellow. let's get start.  

with PHP it is easy to upload file to the server, before upload to the server make sure to configure php.ini file, search for file_upload in php.ini file and turn it on. once it done create HTML form to upload files to server. 

Step 1 - Create HTML Form

some rules to follow on above HTML form, make sure form method should be POST and input type should be file. 

 Step 2 - Create Database And Tables


 Step 3 - Create File Upload File

before upload to the server make sure to create upload folder in same directory, thanks that's it. copy the code and do pratice download link is ready to download bellow,

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