Thursday, April 5, 2018

PHP Ajax Onchange Dropdown

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Hi Everyone, in this tutorial we will learn how to create PHP Ajax and Jquery onchange dropdown select without refresh the page. Lets discuss how to select brands from category table without refresh page. 
in this case i have used two tables which are category and brands, in order to fetch the brand, category id has related to brand table. the definition of  table listed bellow.

catergory table

brands table


database connection 

Now lets create the HTML page and load category and brand data to select dropdown, make sure to include jquery library.

Home page

Above home.php page contain and load the data to category input field, in order to send the AJAX request we need to create separate page call brand.php that will contain details about brands.

Brand page

Send AJAX request

above jquery use to fetch brands details from with ajax request, Here the jquery change function use to category input id to send ajax request to server with post method.
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