Saturday, May 26, 2018

Complete Blood Bank System

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Blood bank management system
Blood bank management system

Hi everyone. In this tutorial will see Complete Blood Bank System with php.  The pupose of this system is to donate and request blood online, manage entire donor and request blood details.
There are two user role which are admin and users. The system is developed using html, css, bootstrap, jquery and php. 

Features Included..

 1. State Management
 2. City Management
 3. Member Management
 4. Member login
 5. Donate & Request in onlinelogin
 6. Donor Management(Active & Non-Active)
 7. More..

Complete Blood Bank Management

In this system admin is the main role who acces to all the category in blood bank management system, there will be a user role who can access to request and donate blood in online based on available blood group. here are some sample codes which included with project.

Login Page

Hope you guys learn from this project Complete Blood Bank System. if you have any suggestion or doubt feel free to contact me via email or do comment below. 
The complete source code of blook bank management system has added below to doanload. if you like this tutorial share with your friends and social media. happy coding. 

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