Monday, May 28, 2018

How to backup mysql database

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How to backup MySql Database
How to backup MySql Database

Hi everyone, In this tutorial will see how to backup mysql database. if you store data in your database and that you dont want to lose, it's very important to have regular backup of database in order to prevent any data loses. This tutorial will provide you a simple way to  backup mysql database. let's get start.

Step 1 - Create index page

Will start by creating index.php. Provide hostname, username, password and database name to backup.

Step 2 - Create backup

Now will create database_backup.php and paste below code

Step 3 - Connect database and query

Create backup_function.php and paste below code

That's all, Thank you so much for reading MySQL backup database to file, the complete source code has attached below to download. 
I hope this tutorial will useful for your future projects. for more updates do not hesitate to contact me via email if you like this tutorial please share with your friends and social media. happy coding.


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