Monday, May 21, 2018

Complete inventory management software

inventory management system
Complete Inventory

Hi all, in this tutorial will see how to create Complete inventory management software with Codeigniter. This system allows users to make inventory more easy and secure, this script will provide to easily manage the entire day to day activities of company inventory. Here is the demo Click to demo. 
username -
password - password 

The developed system can use in several marketplaces such as pharmacy, shopping center, and warehouse to get information from client, managers and storing data for future usage. The designed system allows accessing only by authorized people with specific roles and limited modules for each role. The system has included registration warehouse managers and admin and provided a set of unique features by creating user profiles for each member based on a module where each member can able to customize their profile

Features Included - Inventory For You

    1. Easy dashboard
    2. Item Management
    3. Category Management
    4. Warehouse Management
    5. Product Management
    6. Order Management
    7. Stock Management
    8. User Management
    9. File Export
   10. User Permission
   11. Etc...

 Database connectivity 


In this we demonstrated to create Complete inventory management software using PHP frmework Codeigniter. hope this tutorial help you to learn and use it for. if you have any doubt feel free to contact via Email - Bellow, i have attached the complete source code of the inventory. happy coding 😄
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  1. Well, thanks for sharing the code with us, but if ya sharing it freely why wouldnt you be exact, and if ya selling it, still be open, ya files are un intergrated. Just importing the localhost Sql, but can connect at all. Boring

    1. Create database name "stock2" then double click that stock2 then import that localhost sql. Or just import the localhost sql then rename that inventory database to stock2. That's it. God bless you.

  2. Hello Salam
    i just recently downloaded the script, hv setup every thing fine.
    the only changes i made are just that, i changed the top directory name and database name, but then i also hv edited the relevant config files,,

    also one thing more, in database.config, i have done this
    'db_debug' => TRUE, //(ENVIRONMENT !== 'development'),

    but on running the site, i get the following error.

    Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context in C:\Program Files\EasyPHP-DevServer-14.1VC9\data\localweb\rbinventory\application\core\MY_Controller.php on line 20
    A PHP Error was encountered

    Severity: Compile Error

    Message: Can't use method return value in write context

    Filename: core/MY_Controller.php

    Line Number: 20


    Kindly help

  3. Hello , i resolved my above problem by google search

    i edited core\MY_Controller.php
    #20 if(empty($this->session->userdata('logged_in'))) {
    to if(!($this->session->userdata('logged_in'))) {

    then it worked , but there a surprising thing happened

    i download the inventory scrip in two computers, office and home
    at office, it gave error, i edited as above, and it was ok
    at home, it was already ok on first instance, no error, while my_controller.php line 20 was still if(empty($this->session->userdata('logged_in'))) {

    why is this difference ?

  4. when we login it says object not found. please help!!!

  5. Thanks my friend , but i think database has a problem , when importing it gives 1056 error , table already exist.

    SQL query:

    -- Table structure for table `attributes`

    CREATE TABLE `attributes` (
    `id` int(11) NOT NULL,
    `name` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    `active` int(11) NOT NULL

    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1050 - Table 'attributes' already exists

  6. Hi, thanks for the project.
    I have installed the system and changed the db details to my own but I can't seem to get past the login page. I get the 404 error when I click Sign in. Any one faced the same issue and found a solution?


  7. i got an error like below and no page loading.

    An uncaught Exception was encountered
    Type: RuntimeException

    Message: Unable to locate the model you have specified: Model_auth

    Filename: /var/www/html/advance_inventory/system/core/Loader.php

    Line Number: 344


    File: /var/www/html/advance_inventory/application/controllers/Auth.php
    Line: 12
    Function: model

    File: /var/www/html/advance_inventory/index.php
    Line: 315
    Function: require_once

    can any one help. thanks in advance

    1. Rename file application/model_auth.php to application/Model_auth.php name of that should start from upper "M" not lower "m".

  8. THX man! You save me a lot of coding :)
    Great work, keep it UP!
    I'll be back soon here with my own addon.
    I've implemented FPDF class and few lines of my own code to generate PDF invoices and send it directly from your manager to customer :)
    Now i'ts all I need, and work like a charm :)


  9. There is no database attached on the File

  10. Failure: 404
    1 /advance_inventory/auth/login

    pls help me.

  11. the dashboard not responding 404 page not found

  12. dear Mohamed Shafraz . it is very nice inventory system. thank u so much .everything is working fine but The dashboard total item ,total category,total element ,total product ,total paid order, total members and Total Warehouse display only the total value when we click more info link it display "404 Page Not Found
    The page you requested was not found." . how can i fix it this problem .can u some me

  13. which php version is require for this ?
    plus and enlisted requirement for this ?