Friday, May 25, 2018

Jquery onchange

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Hi everyone. in this tutorial will learn how to create Jquery onchange with Mysql database and php. in this tutorial will see how to retrieve the address and contact number of a user to a input field without refresh the page.

Step 1 - Create database

Step 2 - Database connection

Step 3 - Index page

let's create index.php and copy below codes. in this case i have create the onchange method to send a Ajax request to database and select the particuler user's address and contact number.

Step 4 - Fetch user details

Now we need to create a page to fetch the user's address and contact number from database. create a page call fetch_manager.php and paste below codes.

That's all, in this tutorial we learned how to create jquery onchange with php and MySql. hope you guys understood well from this tutorial. if you have any suggestion or doubt feel free contact me via or do comment below. share this with your friends and social media if you found this useful. happy coding.


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