Saturday, May 19, 2018

AJAX-enabled Sticky Notes With PHP & jQuery

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Today we are making an AJAX-enabled Sticky Notes With PHP & jQuery. It will give visitors the ability to create notes with a live preview, and move them around on the screen. Every movement is going to be sent to the back-end via AJAX and saved in the database.
Here is the



1 .Create single or multiple sticky notes on dashboard
2. Create sticky notes with different colors.
3. Drag the sticky notes and placed in a position

Step 1 - Database Creation


Step 2 - Connect to database


Step 3 - Home page


Step 4 - Insert Sticky


Step 5 - Update Sticky

Today we learned How to create php, ajax sticky noted with mysql and demonstrated how we could use one of the readily available plug-ins for the jQuery library to build a dynamic interface, complete with a live preview. hope this tutorial will helps you to create effective sticky note preview.
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