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Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System
Payroll Management System

Hi everyone, In this tutorial will see how to create and use payroll management system with PHP and MySql. Payroll management system is a system used by organization to manage their employee's leave management, salary management, attendance management and payroll management. Complete payroll management system attached below to download.

Features Included..
       1. Complete dashboard
       2. Attendance Management
       3. Employee Management
       4. Deduction Management
       5. Payroll Management
       6. Schedule Management
       7. And More..
Payroll Management System
Payroll Management System
Scope of the payroll management system.

The main scope of the system is manage the employee details which include the adding new employees, generating salary of employees, managing leave management and calculating deduction management. 

Installation Process

        1. Download the complete source code below.
        2. Place the Zip file in C:\wamp\www
        3. Unzip the folder
        4. Create database and import SQL file
        5. Make sure to change database name in conn.php
        6. Turn on WAMP server 
        7. The open your web browser and type localhost/www/project_name

In this post we learned how to create payroll management system with php and mysql. if you have any doubts feel free to contact me via

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