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Student Management System

Student Management System

Hi everyone, in this post will create student management system with PHP. The significant advantage of student management system are able to keep proper track of data related to students of a school, institute and collage. this include of students personal information, examination result management and other school facilities. The developed system include of various component such as result management, student profile management, subject management, staff management, multi user login and major user roles (Admin | Students | Staff).
Scope of Student management system.
The student management system allows school, institute and collage to manage daily activities to run in more smoother manner. Recording and managing student's information in file, folder and store can more space needed and time consuming. the student management system generating more paper works, which can be more expensive. The developed system making paper work free and environment friendly. it helps to keep all the record in digital manner, which can be easily access in future.
Features Included...
         1. Result Management
         2. Student Management
         3. Staff Management
         4. Subject Management
         5. Profile Customization
         6. User roles (Admin | Staff | Student)
         7. Multi User
         8. Report Generation
Student Management System
Student Management System

Installation Process 

            1. Download the complete source code below.
            2. Place the Zip file in C:\wamp\www
            3. Unzip the folder
            4. Create database and import SQL file
            5. Make sure to change database name in dbConn.php
            6. Turn on WAMP server
            7. The open your web browser and type localhost/www/project_name

In this post we learned how to create student management system with PHP and MySql. If you have doubts feel free to contact me via email in upcming post will see how to create complete student management system with including major section such as online enrollement, library management, student attendence student's parent management, fees management and trigger based auditing.  
 Do you have any strategies regarding student management system to add? if yes let us know in the comment section below. 
Please share this tutorial with your friends and social media if you like, by simply clicking social icon below. the complete source code student management attached below to download. happy coding. 
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  1. what is pass word and user name ????

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